Should we Homeschool our Kids

My wife and I are both products of the public school system so in my opinion the public school system works. We both have great jobs and consider ourselves very educated. Meagan is a full time registered nurse specializing in cardiology and I am a healthcare operations manager for a major health system. Now we both had our struggles throughout school. Challenges with different subjects, interests, and social groups but have never given it a second thought, until we had kids. Like most parents we already had it all figured out. When we got married we knew we wanted to have kids but we were never going to let them impact our careers or future goals. WOW weren’t we wrong. After getting over the initial shock of “wow we created and are now responsible for another human” our focus and priorities started to change, and change quickly. I think the first time we brought up the idea of homeschooling our daughter was the day we realized that we could actually teach her something. What an amazing moment watching her learn and repeat, even if it was just a grin or a smile at first. So from that moment forward the potential of homeschooling was always part of the discussion.


But we still had time. At that point our daughter was only a few months old and the time to make decisions regarding school were still years away. Before we knew it, our son Walter was born. Now Daisy is 3 years old and Walter is 1… and it that time! The time to seriously consider if we are going to homeschool our children. And thus resulting in the creation of this blog, We want to be able to share our experience as we tackle the tough decisions and outline the pros and cons to homeschooling. We will share the thoughts, ideas, disagreements and resources that we will use to make our decision.

So lets meet the kids! Daisy Jean is our three year old. She is full of personality, adventure, excitement, and her brain is like a sponge. Daisy speaks in completely full sentences and has been for quite some time.  Daisy also loves to uses some complicated words that I’m not sure her mom and I ever use in common conversation. For some reason she picks them up from our adventures and they just stick with her. She is extremely expressive and loves to be taught things. Daisy is so inquisitive and very independently structured. Honestly, with Daisy’s personality I think she will be the one scheduling us for homework. We have started with some preparing for pre-school books, flash cards, and some other preparation resources… but more on those later.

Daisy and Walter

Meet Walter! Walt Man as Daisy calls him is our one year old. Walt is full of adventure and curiosity like Daisy; however, he has what we have come to consider a very complicated emotional side to him. lol Walt is the needy one! Its his way of making sure he’s not forgotten because his sister is constantly trying to steal the show. Walter is very mechanical and has learned how to escape from, break into, and disassemble everything you could imagine finding around the house. You can tell that Walt loves his sister but defiantly makes a point to prove his own existence. The both of them are currently in a power struggle as to who will assume the role of chancellor.

Meagan and I are … complicated to say the least. We both have big dreams. And I mean MAJOR big dreams. All revolved around adventure. One day we want to live on a sailboat full time, live in an RV and travel the country full time, and live on a farm for an entire growing season and be self sustainable. We also love hiking, fishing, photography, and all things outdoors. So if you think about it the only way to make some of those dream adventures a reality is to accomplish some of them while we are still young. And that means including the kids in the adventure! We have been working to become financially independent but we are not quite to that point yet. The goal is that by the time Daisy starts 1st grade (3-4 years form now) we will be well on our way to our first adventure. And the goal currently in mind is the RV adventure. So you can see how homeschooling would be essential to making this dream come true. I hope to share all the tools, tips, and tricks that will make our decision to homeschool a success.

I want to thank each of you for taking the time to read this post and invite you all to join us as we tackle the major decision of homeschooling our kids. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please post them here or use the contact form here or at the top of the page.

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