So much can be tied into the practice of Yoga. It is the gateway to complete health linking diet, exercise, and mental strengthening. That is why it is important to incorporate yoga into your weekly routine.

When homeschooling your children, you have a better control over the activities of the day. Now some charter schools (and possibly others) are providing a yoga class to their students. This is AWESOME! Yoga is so much more than anything “spiritual”. Now don’t get me wrong you can add a spiritual component to yoga for sure. But the spiritual component can be focused on and go as deep as you want it to be… or not to be.

The importance of working yoga into your daily school routine is that this practice teaches your child to slow down, focus, and control their own body. I started with my daughter, whenever she would be heading of a meltdown we would take a deep breath and do savasana! She would lay on her back take deep breaths and say “savasana ”. Then we would have her sit up, look in our eyes, and explain what she was trying to say or the struggle she was facing. This is a great time to teach self-control and persistence.

Even though your homeschooled child won’t have much peer pressure or large groups of kids to bring stress and distraction, the setting at home can get quite tense and overwhelming at times. Spending constant time day after day with the same people, no matter how much you love them can get a little stressful. Lets go through what I think are the top 5 most important teaching elements and benefits of doing yoga with your little ones.

  1. Body awareness – this one is something that most adults still struggle to master. Teaching your child body awareness will help them to develop an understanding of their emotions, their feelings, and their physical abilities or limitations. Yoga will help your child learn to control their actions and connect emotions.
  2. Health – This one will tie in with Body Awareness. Health has everything to do with what we eat and the physical activities or exercise we participate in. Once you have a heightened awareness of your body you can begin to teach how regular exercise and healthy eating impact how they feel on a daily basis. No matter if its mood swings, sluggish feelings, or muscle aches  – listening to your body can promote a healthy lifestyle.
  3. STRESS – AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! We all suffer from stress and there are so many self-help books directed at reducing stress for adults. Teaching your child how to manage stress through breathing, awareness, and meditation can give them skills that will propel them into adult life. This aspect of yoga practice can be very exciting! Especially if you are new to the practice also. This journey will bring you all closer and the benefits of stress management will be felt by all involved.
  4. Concentration – let’s face it, yoga takes major concentration. It might seem simple at first glance but some of these poses are hard! Now you won’t be standing on your head or doing handstands on the beach right off the bat but even settling your mind and focusing on basic stretching takes concentration. As you all develop together in your practice of yoga your mental concentration will begin to be tested. This skill will directly transfer into schoolwork and the ability to breath, refocus, and complete the task will begin to develop.
  5. Confidence – This benefit is huge! Yoga can be difficult and as your child learns and progresses in their practice you will notice a level of confidence begin to grow and blossom. Confidence is a compilation of the preceding 4 benefits because they all work together to strengthen the confidence of your little one. Yoga creates a confident force within those that practice regularly. A healthy core and awareness of your body make you entirely aware of who you are and what you can do.

Here are some great resources to get you and your little ones started in your practice of yoga!

This yoga mat helps make yoga fun for your little one!

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